Opel Blitz Truck

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A WWII Wehrmacht (German Army) Opel Blitz photo from Wikipedia.

An Opel Blitz carries military personnel in Italy in 1944.

The three-ton version of the Opel Blitz was used frequently by the German military during WWII.

Opel was a subsidiary of General Motors, and during the Nazi regime, there was a power struggle between the American owners and the Third Reich for control of the company.

In Allied Assault, the truck is as popular as it was in the war, as it shows up almost everywhere that the Germans do. Occasionally, the Allies will use stolen Opel trucks to infiltrate German positions, as the U.S. Army Rangers do in the first mission of “Lighting the Torch”

Due to its heavy usage by the Germans, it only makes sense that Lt. Powell, during his time in North Africa, sabotaged a number of Opels at the motor pool.

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