HTG Updates: Nov. 7, 2014

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Good afternoon fellow gamers and history-lovers!

Each time I play a new mission, I get new photos and new information about things I’ve written about already, so I’ve got to make sure old posts are up to date. Because I can’t expect everyone to read every post every day (though if you do that, I certainly won’t complain!), I post a list of changes and updates every Friday.

If you haven’t read this week’s main post about Allied Assault’s bridge defense mission and how it relates to the August/September 1944 siege of Brest, France, read it here: The Road to Brest: City Under Siege.

You can also check out the mission’s photo album on the HTG Facebook page.

Here’s a list of posts with new information:

If you’re interested in a specific vehicle or weapon, I’ve added new photos to those albums as well:

Finally, I’m hoping to launch some sort of “Weapons & Equipment Wednesday” series soon (perhaps next Wednesday if I get the logistics figured out), where I’ll feature a weapon or vehicle that I’ve already discussed, but was featured prominently in whatever mission I’ve just played.

As always, if you like what I’m doing, please follow the blog, share it with your friends, like the Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. I try to share interesting stories on social media each day, so you’ll be getting extra-cool stuff if you join me there!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you back here Monday when I post about the Tiger I heavy tank!


~ by John on November 7, 2014.

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