Blog Updates: Oct. 17, 2014

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If you didn’t see it earlier in the week, check out my newest post, featuring information taken from a 1967 interview with the best two World War II German snipers and a sniper instructor: The Road to Brest: Sniper’s Last Stand.

Also, let me know what you think about my new news update banner! I figured it’d help make these things look a little more interesting. I’ll try to change it whenever I get a new screenshot that looks good under the text.

Here’s what’s new on the blog this week!

  • Added a bunch of new information to the Kar98k rifle entry, mostly with details taken from the interview used in the Sniper’s Last Stand post. (I’ve also made it sticky for a few days due to the amount of stuff I added).
  • Removed the photo of Matthäus Hetzenauer from the Sniper’s Last Stand post because there appears to be some confusion on the Internet about which photos are of him, and which are actually other people.
  • Updated the Browning Automatic Rifle entry following its appearance in the hands of the tank crew during the most recent mission, noting that, given its large size, it probably wasn’t a weapon the crew would’ve equipped themselves with while inside the tank.
  • Updated the M1 Garand entry to note that Powell is usually armed with a sniper rifle, not the Garand, and to include a better photo.
  • Updated the Panzer IV entry to include its most recent appearance in Allied Assault.

New photos of specific weapons and vehicles from the most recent mission:

That’s it for this week, so I’ll sign off by saying that if you like what I’m doing, please share with any friends who have similar interests, and use the links on the right to subscribe to the blog and/or join me on Facebook and Twitter for some extra stuff!

I’ll see you back Monday when I post about the Springfield sniper rifle, which was heavily used to combat the German snipers present in the last mission.


~ by John on October 17, 2014.

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