Blog Updates: Oct. 10, 2014

Good evening!

If you haven’t checked out my newest post about how the “steal German battle plans” objective in the latest mission relates to Allied fears of a German counterattack in Normandy, go give it a read: The German Counterattack That Never Came.

Here’s what’s new on the blog!

  • I changed some information in Getting the (St.) Lo-down on the King Tiger because further research proved me wrong. If you read this post before the changes, please go back and look at it again – I wouldn’t want to lead anyone astray!
  • I changed the header photo and added some photos and characters from the most recent missions I’ve played. Perhaps my graphic design skills are improving?
  • I added some information to the MG42 post regarding the weapon’s use in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, including its fire rate (much slower than the real thing), the fact that the Germans appear to reload it after a few seconds, and its nonsensical appearance during basic training.
  • I updated the M1 Garand post with information about its Allied Assault fire rate. I was able to fire it in excess of 200 rounds per minute and stay accurate at about 100 rounds per minute. This is much faster than a real Garand would’ve been fired. Well, except maybe with this technique…
  • I added the rate of fire of the Allied Assault version to my Browning Automatic Rifle post. It shoots at about 400 rounds per minute, falling within the low range of what the BAR was capable of.
  • I used my slowly-improving graphic design skills to change the header photo by adding some new characters from the game. It should change continuously as I play more games.

Some new photos as well! Unless otherwise noted, the new photos start with the one that’s linked.

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That’s it for this week, and I hope to see you back Monday when I post about the next level – my journey through a sniper-infested French town.

Thanks for reading!


~ by John on October 10, 2014.

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