HTG’s New Facebook Page!

History Through Gaming has established a Facebook page, friends.

If that’s enough news for you, feel free to like it and stop reading right after I thank you for doing so, and suggest that you follow me on Twitter as well.

But for those of you who continued, there’s a little more news.

With my laptop refusing to charge (or even run from the power cord without it being held in place at a certain angle), I have been unable to game, research and blog efficiently for a little while. But, the laptop issue is soon to be resolved, so hopefully I’ll finally have my post about the Maquis and their sabotage tactics up on Monday.

So, to spend my time productively (and not playing Battlefield 3), I decided to do some HTG maintenance, which included creating a Facebook page. It currently has six likes, which is pretty sad, so I encourage all of you reading this to go like it. I’ll start linking my posts, videos and photos to the page as well, even if it’s only for those six people (though I’d like it to be more).

I’ve also decided to move my blog to an actual web domain once I average 100 visitors per day (I’m currently at 70), so stay tuned for that. If any of you have any recommendations of good places to host a domain (preferably ones that allow a lot of freedom with site design), I’d be glad to hear it.

In other news, I might’ve used too many parentheticals in this post (every post, actually), but hey, I like them.



~ by John on June 15, 2012.

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