Blog Updates: Tues, Sept. 20, 2011

Sometimes, even games you’ve played countless times can surprise you. I recently learned that if you avoid the Springfield sniper rifle on Omaha Beach, you can pick up and use a Kar98k inside the bunker. It is the only time in the game where you can use a non-sniper version of this weapon. It took me a few tries to survive the MG42 gunners on the bluff (I fired futilely at them with a Colt .45 and a Thompson), but I eventually made it to the bunker without the help of the sniper rifle. Then, like a kid with a new toy, I used the Kar98 for all it was worth.

I recently added those photos and more to my albums, and below is a list of the recent updates, including a link to my most recent post, which, like a n00b, I posted before I’d written a title, rendering all email links useless.

Tonight We Die As Men: The Story of the 3rd Battalion, 506th PIR

The Kar98k being used in the Omaha Beach bunker.

The Willys MB “Jeep” in the bocage.

The 88mm FlaK in the bocage.

The Thompson on Omaha Beach and in the bocage.

(Update, July 20, 2014: I’ve moved my photos to the Facebook page, and had to change the links on this post)


~ by John on September 20, 2011.

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