U-Boats: The Type IXC/40 and Norway Flotillas

U-boat Photo Album

Inside the U-529 (Video)

A screenshot photo of the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) Type IXC/40 U-boat, U-529, at its moorings inside DORA 1 in Trondheim, Norway, as seen in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MOHAA).

The U-529 moored inside DORA 1 in Trondheim, Norway.

The German Unterseeboot (undersea boat), abbreviated U-Boot and translated into English as U-boat, terrorized the Atlantic shipping lanes during WWI and WWII. Though they were able to take on military vessels, their main role was to disrupt the Allied supply lines.

Armed with torpedoes and an assortment of other weapons, including anti-aircraft guns, naval artillery and mines, these boats wreaked havoc on ships in the Atlantic, whether they were military or commercial.

There were more than 20 different types of U-boats, all of which were constructed for a specific purpose. In MOH: AA, the main U-boat, the U-529, is a type IXC/40.

These boats, of which 87 were made, were an improved version of the IXC, which were intended for long-range patrols and used briefly to cruise the East Coast of the United States. The 252-foot-long IXC/40’s had slightly increased range and faster surface speed than the IXC’s, and could travel 13,850 miles on the surface at 10 knots (11.5 mph), though their top speed was 19 knots (21.8 mph).

All the boats in MOH: AA look the same, so it can be assumed that they are all IXC/40’s. While many of the boats in the U-529’s 10th Flotilla were of that type, the 10th Flotilla was based in Lorient, France. None of the flotillas based in Norway had IXC/40’s assigned to them.

A photo of a type VII and type IX U-boat outside the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) DORA 1 U-boat pens in Trondheim, Norway, after World War II (WWII).

A type VII and type IX U-boat at their moorings outside the DORA 1 U-boat pens in Trondheim, Norway, after WWII.

In the game, they have four torpedo tubes in the bow, and one in the stern (there should be two). Their external armaments are a Utof 105mm cannon, a 3.7cm FlaK anti-aircraft gun and two 20mm C/30 guns for defense against aircraft. After 1943, the Utof gun was removed from most U-boats, including most IXC/40’s.

U-boats operated out of Trondheim from June 1940 until its surrender in May 1945. The 13th Flotilla was formed there in June 1943 and was reorganized in September 1944 when most of the boats from the French bases reached Norway.

Many of the in-game boats moored inside DORA 1, the main U-boat bunker in Trondheim, are from the 11th Flotilla, as they display the flotilla’s polar bear emblem. Emblems were common on U-boats throughout the war in the same way that other military units displayed emblems. In Allied Assault, popular emblems, such as the running devil, the snorting bull and the laughing sawfish, are all visible on the conning towers of the Trondheim boats. All the emblems are correct, most notably the sawfish, which was originally green (as portrayed in-game) but became most famous in the color red.


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