Sub Base Sabotage: Silently Subversive or Stealthily Savage?

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Stealth Strategy in Action (Video)

A screenshot photo of three German soldiers playing cards in a room in the Kriegsmarine base in Trondheim, Norway, in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MOHAA).

One strategy lets this friendly card game continue…

When faced with an undercover mission, most gamers are presented with three options.

1. Jump in, guns blazing, hoping that unrealistic damage resilience combined with personal skill will result in victory.

2. Actually play by the rules and blend in, leading enemies to believe that any strange occurrences have nothing to do with the person they’ve never seen before.

A screenshot photo of the result of the Stealthily Savage strategy as U.S. Army Ranger Lt. Mike Powell moves through the Kriegsmarine base in Trondheim, Norway, in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MOHAA).

…while the other turns it into a pile of bodies.

3. Pretend to play by the rules, but quietly dispatch enemies when they least expect it.

Not only does Strategy No. 1, or “Rampage,” usually result in the least success, but it also involves the least skill. Using this strategy almost always causes enemies to sound the alarm, bringing an endless stream of adversaries. That, or the amount of health packs available isn’t enough to justify the number of wounds sustained. Furthermore, anyone can run around, shooting at everything that moves, while hoping for the best.

Strategy No. 2, “Silently Subversive,” involves some amount of skill – anyone in elementary school can follow directions – but it usually isn’t too exciting. Not drawing your weapon, remembering which key your identification papers are assigned to, avoiding people who will blow your cover – these are some of the challenges that come with playing by the rules. Of course, there are occasions when rules must be broken to keep your cover intact, and that’s when this strategy begins to resemble Strategy No. 3, “Stealthily Savage.”

A screenshot photo of how to line up a precise shot on the German soldiers playing cards in the Kriegsmarine base in Trondheim, Norway, in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MOHAA).

Lt. Powell draws his pistol to keep these three German soldiers from coming after him later in the mission.

While such a mission should be played as “silently subversive” at least once, being “stealthily savage” is smartest, as well as challenging. In this mission, as in many others, the more enemies you eliminate while undercover, the fewer enemies you may face when your cover is inevitably blown.

The goal, or my goal, at least, is to kill enemies with the fewest number of shots, without alerting anyone nearby. This is occasionally easy, but it often involves timing, positioning and precision.

The three soldiers playing cards provide a good example. If any weapon other than the suppressed High-Standard .22 pistol is used, there is the risk that one of them will get to the alarm, escape the room, or take some shots at Lt. Mike Powell.

But, the pistol is a single-shot weapon, so it’s not possible to get three shots off before one soldier opens fire. Luckily, bullets from the High-Standard can pass through a number of targets, so only two shots are needed. If Powell draws his gun anywhere in the room, the soldiers will see him and his cover will be blown. But, if he stands behind the player at the head of the table, as pictured above, the Germans will be oblivious to his drawn weapon. A shot through two of them, and a quick second shot at the remaining rifleman will prevent these three from causing any future problems for Powell.

A screenshot photo of U.S. Army Ranger Lt. Mike Powell killing the scientists in the Naxos radar detector lab in the Kriegsmarine base in Trondheim, Norway, in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (MOHAA).

Lt. Powell opens fire on the Naxos scientists.

There isn’t much opposition between the card game and the Naxos prototype lab, but if the first two riflemen Powell encounters in the locker room are allowed to go down the stairs, a bit of awkward body shoving can result in three kills with one shot.

For most of this mission, drawing the pistol while an enemy is talking, as well as positioning Powell so he can shoot through multiple targets, brings the most success. The enemies will stop their scripted conversation when a gun is drawn, but their surprise at being interrupted offers enough time to eliminate them.

The only people Powell should show his identification to are the two sentries in the U-boat pens, as this allows him to sneak around behind them and kill anyone that is standing alone. The workers on the first U-boat can be spared, since a pile of crates prevents them from coming after Powell at any later point.

So, while playing by the rules may result in the mission’s quick completion, and while it may be tempting to forgo all rules and rampage through the base, I believe there is no strategy more challenging than being “stealthily savage.” By eliminating enemies quickly and silently, they are prevented from coming after Powell once his cover is eventually blown.


~ by John on December 22, 2010.

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